Saturday, February 26, 2011

Faded painting

How I wish to stop the time.
For the sake of it.
To get immersed into those dreams so dear to me one more time.
Those dreams which changed my life into a living memory.
Now just the life is missing & colors on the painting.
...How I wish to bring time back
...But for the sake of it.

He woke up

Just another day
But a bolder step on the pavement
To confirm he'll not slip again
A stronger hold on the handful of blessings
So that he won't spill them
And a vision fixed in the future
To get healed
It's just another day
But with a fresh start ,with an endless intense prayer

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Passing wind

Along the milky water falls
I dropped a wish
Hoping for it to reach the blue ocean,
What do I need?
An unobstructed faith
on the passing wind,
Confidence in my little dream
yes , they do fuel my waiting hours,
Agonizing it is at the least
But a great comfort
When I need a shoulder
The resting place.
My little wish, my little dream
To be happy, to be worthy
To feel the slightest of hope
To capture it in my heart
Just when I embrace the life
At its worst or at its best
It's the same feeling
To feel the slightest of hope
To capture it in my heart

To be edited.. :|

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Broken compass, left behind

My eyes crave for an unknown light
Whilst translucent clouds cover
The shadows beneath
But eyes they try to find a path along
Leading to an unset destination.
...With friction of bare thoughts
Carrying a whim, a desire to reach

It's strange and intimidating
Without that broken compass
But with its delusive ways to
Deter, to scathe !
A broken compass it is, left behind

A good riddance from
The cages of covered foam

Of struggling faith , a whim ,a desire to reach
An unset destination

Channel the blessing

I am colorless but pure
I am seraphic and taste like dew
You spread your arms
To feel my speed
I touched you like an infant -
Left a mark of joy
I carried your smile with me
Met the ground
Soothing the burnt soil
Whispering my love in her ears.
Her wait , my forbearance
Is  the strength of universe
In you it flows, whilst you look upon
And see the rainbow amused
Don't you forget to channel the blessing
Be the lightning when I need a push
Be the wind when I need to slow down

Be a tree when I need your roots
To flow through her

Mmm...It's raining..Cannot go out at this hour, but would love to get soaked.Wish if it were possible to detach that bright light  inside to touch it with the fresh cold air outside.It feels wonderful to breathe the pleasant fragrance of wet mud in. It's soothing, pampering,divine.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little soldiers

They find the slope & keep moving
Without a shift, nor changing the focus
They pace up at the pull
Overcome the push
Hopping,crawling ,striking the ground
Sharp edges might deter them
But don't they lose their shine
For the earth & gravity
Those are more than pearl beads spilled on the floor!

Gah... :P A filler? Perhaps. B-)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

When you walk on me

You threw a stone at me
On my heart
The vibes of my pain reached your feet
I touched you , didn't you get shaken?
I dissolved your shadow which was on me
You were taken aback for a while
But you did not look into my eyes
If you had, would not have missed to see my love
You thought I was cold
You did not touch me back
If you had, would not have missed to feel my warmth
You did not take a step further
Toward my heart
If you had ,would not have missed to feel its depth
Yes,am lifeless, I just flow within my boundaries
I am a river, but I can see, I can give, I can touch
I forgot who I was, wished you would look at me
Wished you would put me on your face
I forgot who I am..Just water..
Sweet when you drink from me
Sweet when you walk on me

Dreaming with open eyes. Found myself at a river bank under the shade of a huge tree. Consciously conscious. Complete. Serene. Surprisingly I was at the same place where I was in my dreams a year ago ;) Pleasant dream that was.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Give me a sign

Your name
Was the smile in my eyes
Your voice
Was a sweet symphony
That rung in my head constantly
Your talk
Was the pleasure of my days
Your innocence
Was the remembrance of my childhood
You were my happiness, my pride

You lost me at a carnival of dreams
I called your name, astonished
For I was just in front of you,
Waving at you in disbelief
Calling your name maimedly
My love, I am no longer living in you
But my soul is withered
Thirsting to know the reason
Why you loosened the grip of our hands
Doesn't matter anymore
Can't live with these heavy breathes
The bitter taste in my mouth
Give me a reason
Why wasn't  I your beloved
Set me free from this hell
Give me a sign, Where did my love go wrong?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A reminder

I'm singing a song,
while walking on the beach sand
Feeling the touch of approaching waves,
tickling my feet
I  was looking for the shells and hiding crabs
But found a colored glass piece and got surprised
Holding it in  front of eyes,
I'm trying to see the rainbow
Rather I find my smile dispersed across its sides!
I forget the rainbow 
Realizing how it did not matter to me
It was a reminder of what is true
The feeling you get when you give but not ask for
Maybe a little love, a short look of appreciation
To brighten someone's moment
Maybe to feel your own heart
Nothing is important, nothing is predictable
Unless you are willing to smile at your own self
To feel the love and the life inside you

Without you

Walking down this road, I'm thinking of you
Where we held hands and spoke our hearts out
Time heals and gives the best I heard,
But I'm not finding peace without you..
Was I demanding , when I said don't go..
All I know I love you

Now I wonder where you are,
Aches in my heart tell it's hard for you too..
Wish it was just a lie ,and you never had to go
Am waiting for the day, you said u'll come back
Never give up baby,
There's a heaven too!

Ouch! had written this after watching Hoobastank vid - So close, so far.

Drifting away

You closed eyes,
tendrils fell silent.
Charcoal under Mahagony, 
questioned your being.
You failed to live upto life or destiny.
Now you're here , standing still , 
thirsting for absolution

Wind that left no impression,
Depth of heart's content, found end in dark;
Twist and the split in decaying thoughts
Dried out granules of soul's identity.
There are burns of past,  
Clear yet faintly false
Grotesque,coded, diminished leftovers of 
Shine on the wall;
They're scars of dreaded days, 
Clotting in wounds;
How shallow is your faith ?
You try to trace your footprints back,
Only to hear the echoing laughter aloud  
It's the realization, it's an end to race, 
You think hatred meaningless
Yes, you chuckled then faded away!
Yet another...whew

Whisper in the dark

Shine and hopes call reasons unleashed
Unbound memories remind the glitter on the windshield.

It gets darker and I look out of the glass
A bright star slowly falls into the darkness and I panic
I see my reflection fading from the mirror
And the shadows breaking down into pixels!

Closing my eyes,I try to see through the time!And I search for a picture unseen!
Current of wind waves starts blowing effortlessly,
And I feel that! Touching the void,approaching me slowly
It whispers in my ears,"Did you know,the star will rise again?!"
But I continue wandering in the vicious circle

Until the loop leads me back to the mirror!
Holding my breath I move closer! Only to look at the image!
As I look through, the shine and the hope gets brighter and stays
Ah! That makes me smile,I say "If it wasn't just the sunset then why is that my smile doesn't fade?" :-)

A year old poem .. I was as cynical as I am :P

Monday, February 14, 2011

On the Valentine's

No special words or sweet emotions
But faint Heartbeats and lovely memories
In your name I cheer today,
for our lost love
I whisper your name
While sitting in a corner
I still see your face everyday
On the sky, amongst stars
A special one
Twinkling not for me
But I am glad I chose you

Hope you always shine in the dark
I will find a path to reach my destination
Without you
Yes,I am glad I chose you
But I miss you
Warm wishes from a heavy heart
On the Valentine's
I just wish ,you meant when you said you loved me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A person , not a name

Hey you stranger
You knocked on my door and called my name
I saw the world in your light brown eyes
It seemed like you read the question on my face
You said some sweet nothing and paused.
Silence in your warm smile
Showed me the map of never land
I did not care to know where you wanted to go
I had a feeling you came to meet me
But I was apparently wrong.
Yes, I bore the name of your angel
You knew it, still you didn't listen to your soul
You left me when you remembered I am not the one
Leaving a void, so wide to grasp
Now there is a hole in my heart
And  I do not want to heal
For it feels right to live with a wound
With an empty look on my face

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lu Lu the wonderboy

Little did I know,
About how things could be
Before I met you
You became my best friend
And showed how beautiful life is
I learned how to be happy
Just when everything was wrong
Did you know how much I hated to talk?
You taught me to express myself, just without knowing
You make me smile,at the worst moment I go through
And rest assured I forget things which make me sigh 

You are the sweetest guy I know
Awesome and so mature
Lucky to know you boy
You are one of the best people I have
And proud of
You will reach the height you dream of
The height nobody can think of
Because you are unique, inspired and who inspires 
You are David
God's chosen one :)

Looove :D

Alright, the  above poem is just for David Abraham.. My bestest pal. I call him chipmunk. He holds the biggest share of  my smiles any day!  He had written a cutest poem for me long long back, when I did not have a clue that even I can ever write a poem. Always wanted to write one for him. This is just a miniature part of how special he is to me. Love you boy. God bless :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ink on paper

Wow! The most unyielding day of my life.! Other than trying to know things here and there didn't do anything else. Still there is a certain sense of - " everything mattered" .

Just want to drown into some comic world. perhaps ( Heap sort LOL). The perfect place to feel connected to the chaos of life.Or maybe some Calvin and Hobbes - to live the forgotten childhood.

I wish I was a persona and not a person. That would have been much easier way to live, perhaps ..*sigh*

-- Going back to continue what I was doing in the random world of web to learn and unlearn!

Little bright blue light

I saw a bright blue light
Across the mountains
Up on the sky so far
I gazed on the scintillating rays
Only to find tiny rainbows
Dispersed and winking at me
I closed my eyes
To paint the dancing shadows
With the color of water drops
Falling from the trees

On a pleasant morning like this
The warm breeze, singing birds
Blooming flowers and the grass trail
Can make me smile and cry
To feel content
To feel alive
To feel loved
To spread cheers
To feel blessed
And to be obsessed of the little good things
Life has poured on my open hands

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