Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drifting away

You closed eyes,
tendrils fell silent.
Charcoal under Mahagony, 
questioned your being.
You failed to live upto life or destiny.
Now you're here , standing still , 
thirsting for absolution

Wind that left no impression,
Depth of heart's content, found end in dark;
Twist and the split in decaying thoughts
Dried out granules of soul's identity.
There are burns of past,  
Clear yet faintly false
Grotesque,coded, diminished leftovers of 
Shine on the wall;
They're scars of dreaded days, 
Clotting in wounds;
How shallow is your faith ?
You try to trace your footprints back,
Only to hear the echoing laughter aloud  
It's the realization, it's an end to race, 
You think hatred meaningless
Yes, you chuckled then faded away!
Yet another...whew

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