Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Whisper in the dark

Shine and hopes call reasons unleashed
Unbound memories remind the glitter on the windshield.

It gets darker and I look out of the glass
A bright star slowly falls into the darkness and I panic
I see my reflection fading from the mirror
And the shadows breaking down into pixels!

Closing my eyes,I try to see through the time!And I search for a picture unseen!
Current of wind waves starts blowing effortlessly,
And I feel that! Touching the void,approaching me slowly
It whispers in my ears,"Did you know,the star will rise again?!"
But I continue wandering in the vicious circle

Until the loop leads me back to the mirror!
Holding my breath I move closer! Only to look at the image!
As I look through, the shine and the hope gets brighter and stays
Ah! That makes me smile,I say "If it wasn't just the sunset then why is that my smile doesn't fade?" :-)

A year old poem .. I was as cynical as I am :P

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