Sunday, January 30, 2011

Come unto my heart

I see the world, the way you made it
The gift you gave me so fondly
You love me the way I need it
More than I ever asked for-unconditionally
You chose me from the depths
Where I was lost and lonely
Now I have your strength in me
Your power and grace
To praise you and to feel your peace
To wait to see Your Holy face
Lord, never allow me to
Close the door of my heart
Teach me how to look forward for
Your tender touch on my forehead

Lord, never let me to say I am alone
Because you never went away from me
I need you,every moment of my humble life
Tell me why did you call my name
Tell why did you heal me every time I was sick
You embraced me like you found your lost lamb
Make me worthy Jesus
Touch the deepest part of my heart...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

As Airwaves

From the valley of awareness
To the road of realization
My Journey continues
Within the alleys of acceptance

A little rhyme on the lips
Is rekindling the sparks of hope
Counting the passing moments
In the present

Thoughts are flow as airwaves
Touching the inner hollowness
Soothing each hardened corner
Of lifeless blood streams
As a reminder of the past
And of the unpredictable future

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lost Protocol

Looking through void
When my breath meets tears
I remember how days passed
And an end to the affection

I trace back footsteps
To realize it was just a spiral
Of roads going nowhere
The certainty of the beginning
And of the end
Brings shivers down the spine
A tear rolled down my cheeks
To confirm an end to a lost protocol..

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I forget to breathe often

When my faint heartbeats
Force me to live
I know
I'm out of your dreams
I don't find a reason
To feel the life when I breathe
It hurts & the pain grows
From deep inside
Where you're fixed
As a memory.
It's too hard, too hard
To breathe
Too hard, not to cry
And I weep remembering you
Remembering how we used to be
Bitterness of tears is hard to taste
You said you loved me
Now why did you leave me crying..

Then my heart told -"Darn. Too much.Cut it out." :P

Tunnel of sorrows

A mask on my eyes to hide tears
A mask on my lips to fake a smile
A heart without a mask to show my love
But I am invisible in your dreams
Not present in your life
...I am the darkest of your nightmares
Close your eyes & I'll disappear
From the deepest part of your memories
Hate me one more time
Because I loved you more
As the time passed by, engulfing me deeper
Inside a darker cave
A tunnel of sorrows meant for me
And still I'm a nightmare in your life
Hate me one more time
For I loved you, I loved you just more
As the time passed by.

Scary! I wrote this looking at my own picture. Guess I was feeling a bit down..

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