Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tunnel of sorrows

A mask on my eyes to hide tears
A mask on my lips to fake a smile
A heart without a mask to show my love
But I am invisible in your dreams
Not present in your life
...I am the darkest of your nightmares
Close your eyes & I'll disappear
From the deepest part of your memories
Hate me one more time
Because I loved you more
As the time passed by, engulfing me deeper
Inside a darker cave
A tunnel of sorrows meant for me
And still I'm a nightmare in your life
Hate me one more time
For I loved you, I loved you just more
As the time passed by.

Scary! I wrote this looking at my own picture. Guess I was feeling a bit down..


  1. This line makes me want to cry: Hate me one more time/Because I loved you more. It resonates so deeply.

    Whatever happened, my prayers are with you. Know that you're not alone. If you ever need to talk to someone you know how to reach me. God bless you sweetie.


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