Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goodness of wind

I woke up to the chimes of golden bell
From the hill where I used to dream of white roses
I want to make a wish with closed eyes
But I get paranoid when the echos reflect my every thought back
Is this the feeling of harmony within?
Or is it the cry of my saddened soul?
I am overwhelmed but want this feeling to last don't know why

Now I'm lost in the memory land
But I don't doubt to live my dream again
The only fear which makes me numb is
Of falling down of the back of the music wave
Where I have not opened my eyes yet
I am lost in the memory land
I wish I could make you feel of the same goodness
When the wind kisses my face and I remember you again

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fooled by randomness

I chose to be happy despite of that one killing pain reminding me of my worthlessness in the eyes of that less worthy feeling and that's one more reason why I like to get fooled by randomness.And I continue to be worthless yet elegant in the core. This detachment is not what I was searching for within yet this is it. I'm eager to get engrossed in the real life which I try not to avoid. But with this determination of never to get fooled by a routine, I am just doing fine.

Maybe I should just get going.

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