Monday, July 18, 2011

Fooled by randomness

I chose to be happy despite of that one killing pain reminding me of my worthlessness in the eyes of that less worthy feeling and that's one more reason why I like to get fooled by randomness.And I continue to be worthless yet elegant in the core. This detachment is not what I was searching for within yet this is it. I'm eager to get engrossed in the real life which I try not to avoid. But with this determination of never to get fooled by a routine, I am just doing fine.

Maybe I should just get going.


  1. Sometimes its good to be fooled by randomness as its honest in itself and you can enjoy the surprise!! rather than seeing yourself going on towards the road of certain fixed compromises........

  2. Yes. The short term feel good effect. :( Both ways this alert kind of feeling kills if not spoils the flow.


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