Thursday, May 26, 2011

Something beautiful!

Less obvious is my own thought
When I pause for a moment
But I don't evolve

Fullness of vision is like a plant
It grows upwards
And deepens its roots at the same time

I feel restless when I lose a moment
But there is no time to feel guilty
For it will lose my one more instant

Then what is it that drives the soul
If not the power of grace!
This amazes me more than ever

I don't want to close my eyes just by a thought
That there is something beautiful!
Sweet and strange which only heart can grasp
Yes there's something beautiful!


  1. yeah there is beauty all around us, all we need is to look for it instead of ignoring it or taking it for granted

  2. yeah :-) BTW, I had visited your blog yesterday..Very beautiful poems Jyoti : ) I was disconnected while commenting on one of your works. Will visit you soon.. Lots there to read : )Happy weekend to ya!

  3. happy weekend to u too !!
    hav fun.


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