Monday, May 16, 2011

I am not innocent.

There could be no tomorrow, if I refuse to live today.If I block the light, my heartbeats will lose the rhythm because my dreams live there. Perception does not start in eyes, nor does it end there. Mind does not watch either, it is the vision of your own self, the understanding of who you are sees. How important then it is to seek oneself! No, it is not to gain some insight about life or to gain wisdom or to deduce the complexity of nature.Rather, it is to perceive the truth in its whole sense. To be truthful is simple. Being simple is not complex too.Truth is, it takes hard work to lose the track of life for once. How unlucky are they who never try to gain their innocence back. Innocence is the purity gained through being aware of self and by experiencing greater love. Innocence does not seek wisdom. It is the higher state of heart where vices don't touch it. Innocence when misunderstood hurts. But pain is good!


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