Sunday, January 30, 2011

Come unto my heart

I see the world, the way you made it
The gift you gave me so fondly
You love me the way I need it
More than I ever asked for-unconditionally
You chose me from the depths
Where I was lost and lonely
Now I have your strength in me
Your power and grace
To praise you and to feel your peace
To wait to see Your Holy face
Lord, never allow me to
Close the door of my heart
Teach me how to look forward for
Your tender touch on my forehead

Lord, never let me to say I am alone
Because you never went away from me
I need you,every moment of my humble life
Tell me why did you call my name
Tell why did you heal me every time I was sick
You embraced me like you found your lost lamb
Make me worthy Jesus
Touch the deepest part of my heart...

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