Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lu Lu the wonderboy

Little did I know,
About how things could be
Before I met you
You became my best friend
And showed how beautiful life is
I learned how to be happy
Just when everything was wrong
Did you know how much I hated to talk?
You taught me to express myself, just without knowing
You make me smile,at the worst moment I go through
And rest assured I forget things which make me sigh 

You are the sweetest guy I know
Awesome and so mature
Lucky to know you boy
You are one of the best people I have
And proud of
You will reach the height you dream of
The height nobody can think of
Because you are unique, inspired and who inspires 
You are David
God's chosen one :)

Looove :D

Alright, the  above poem is just for David Abraham.. My bestest pal. I call him chipmunk. He holds the biggest share of  my smiles any day!  He had written a cutest poem for me long long back, when I did not have a clue that even I can ever write a poem. Always wanted to write one for him. This is just a miniature part of how special he is to me. Love you boy. God bless :)

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