Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Channel the blessing

I am colorless but pure
I am seraphic and taste like dew
You spread your arms
To feel my speed
I touched you like an infant -
Left a mark of joy
I carried your smile with me
Met the ground
Soothing the burnt soil
Whispering my love in her ears.
Her wait , my forbearance
Is  the strength of universe
In you it flows, whilst you look upon
And see the rainbow amused
Don't you forget to channel the blessing
Be the lightning when I need a push
Be the wind when I need to slow down

Be a tree when I need your roots
To flow through her

Mmm...It's raining..Cannot go out at this hour, but would love to get soaked.Wish if it were possible to detach that bright light  inside to touch it with the fresh cold air outside.It feels wonderful to breathe the pleasant fragrance of wet mud in. It's soothing, pampering,divine.

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