Saturday, February 19, 2011

When you walk on me

You threw a stone at me
On my heart
The vibes of my pain reached your feet
I touched you , didn't you get shaken?
I dissolved your shadow which was on me
You were taken aback for a while
But you did not look into my eyes
If you had, would not have missed to see my love
You thought I was cold
You did not touch me back
If you had, would not have missed to feel my warmth
You did not take a step further
Toward my heart
If you had ,would not have missed to feel its depth
Yes,am lifeless, I just flow within my boundaries
I am a river, but I can see, I can give, I can touch
I forgot who I was, wished you would look at me
Wished you would put me on your face
I forgot who I am..Just water..
Sweet when you drink from me
Sweet when you walk on me

Dreaming with open eyes. Found myself at a river bank under the shade of a huge tree. Consciously conscious. Complete. Serene. Surprisingly I was at the same place where I was in my dreams a year ago ;) Pleasant dream that was.

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