Friday, February 18, 2011

Give me a sign

Your name
Was the smile in my eyes
Your voice
Was a sweet symphony
That rung in my head constantly
Your talk
Was the pleasure of my days
Your innocence
Was the remembrance of my childhood
You were my happiness, my pride

You lost me at a carnival of dreams
I called your name, astonished
For I was just in front of you,
Waving at you in disbelief
Calling your name maimedly
My love, I am no longer living in you
But my soul is withered
Thirsting to know the reason
Why you loosened the grip of our hands
Doesn't matter anymore
Can't live with these heavy breathes
The bitter taste in my mouth
Give me a reason
Why wasn't  I your beloved
Set me free from this hell
Give me a sign, Where did my love go wrong?

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