Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A new day, a new start!

So..this is the day it finally comes to desire to start a blog..a passing thought that I should put all my passing thoughts into words..(!) at least to make sense of my own chaotic thought processes (not a very good way to start off a creative endeavor..but then well..who cares..its for my own pleasure that I write this…)No particular reason I’m writing this..except may be to look back on what I’ve gained through the years..a written record of my own mental evolution…to understand myself and the discordant, converging, interlaced, and any-number-of-adjectives-world or simply put, the wonderful world around..Its 6 in the morning (6:16 to be precise) and there could be no better time than this to start off a blog (or maybe a new exercise routine, or maybe just have a cuppa as I just did ;) ) with the rain pouring outside..rain drops hitting the windowpane beckoning me to open the window and smell the fresh earth…its been raining for a few days now and the weather seems to have taken a continual gloomy hue..i likey ;) The thought for this blog occurred, rather simultaneously (heh), to my friend and 3:00 in th morning, as it should, to good night owls ;)..but that was a long time ago..and we talked about it for over an hour before we stfu-ed and silently promised to ourselves we would never speak about it until the time we _actually_ had something to put on the blog !Fast forward to today..its probably been a month..or more.. since that time..and here comes the first post.. I’m not reeling under false illusions..I know I may never have anything important to report on the posts..but what the heck..that’s what makes it all the more interesting.._all_ play and no work! Just a collection of the 3 R’s-rants, raves and random thoughts..hurrr ;)[P.S.: Updates might be random and highly irregular..and on a range of irrelevant and unrelated topics..given to whims and fancies of a cluttered mind.. : D]
[Monday, October 5, 2009!]

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