Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And here we go again!

Finally we got motivated to keep a blog and we being inseparable twins -[ ah, they say that :) -- just jealous I say :P ]- thought why not make it collective! But funny this is the third attempt . Us, Tangent and vortex together want to cherish the memories rather want to keep a tab on our day to day struggling with our own selves and our attempt to make a day a contentful day. We believe in the saying - Happiness happens! And we do turn all unhappening things around us into superfun in our way .Welcome to our darkroom! We gonna unfold our life in the past and the transformation process which constantly amuses us by feeling what have we become! Here we will try to turn the negatives into colorful pictures ! Do not mind if they occasionally turn into sepia or greyscale! God bless and Amen to us ! : )

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