Saturday, September 4, 2010


Saturday evening, pleasant weather outside the window .But I convinced myself not to go out in the pouring rain after the Thermometer showed my body temperature to be 102F and I know it will be be worse in the night. Quite blank at this moment, not in a state of mind to put any effort to think . A bit sad, for I lost most precious thing in my life very recently. Just wondering how will I be able to live with one less emotion everyday from now on. Strangely,all I can think about is colors! And I am blue! Colorblind song by Darius just flashed in mind but I cannot listen to as lovely a song as that....

Certainly ,With thoughts flowing not so lucid in all directions it is quite of a torture to force them to be directed towards the future. And am trying. Used to believe in only present . But the torment of  the moment makes me feel sick about my innocent surroundings. Need to work my energy out to be a human. Yes, I have my own definition of "Being a Human". For that I need to gather colors to paint my life again into a picture with a meaning..

And I start my journey! Here..One more time! ...Red Green Blue...!

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