Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another day, another post

The day started late it has for the past three months..two successful attempts to change the trend had been made in the past two days..the first day by dragging myself up with all the willpower I could muster and the next day by not sleeping at all the whole night(made easy, courtesy wikipedia and my “thirst for knowledge”, better put as “curiosity that killed the cat” or “curiosity that compromised the PC”). These two days it wasn’t even half-hearted like the previous attempts had been..But it being not my nature, I fell back into the routine imposed by my upside-down circadian rhythm and rose a few minutes shy of noon.Everything went on as well as things can go when you’re walking a tight-rope. The ‘tight-rope’ here being domestic peace. I had breakfast in place of lunch and planned to have lunch at tea-time. There was something in the air, something electric, that told me it wouldn’t be smooth sailing today..not with my plan to change my routine having failed so miserably.As expected, it was a little before tea-time that my fears proved legitimate, with the quarrel that broke out between mom and me, over you-know-what. Added to that was the fact of my current state of unemployment and absence of any sign of attempts at acquiring a means of living in the near future : D And what followed next was a verbal assault made more painful by the gem of truth in the words shot at me and the only way I could escape from reeling under it was by totally blocking the words from reaching me. But all I was doing was insane backtalk. Many a times have I wondered how mom tolerates me.Needed something to stop myself from mouthing insanity, stat. Located my heavy metal folders in record time. Blessed earphones, you were handy at the moment of need, thou shalt attain salvation. Well that seemed to be just the right thing to do. For the moment.With me blissfully unaware of the verbal torrent and what it carried, peace finally descended upon the household. Things seemed to have cooled down by teatime. Thank God for earphones and the likes of deicide and Human rejection \m/.Also, tea seems to viably soothe flaring tempers :D :)

[­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Wednesday, October 7, 2009!]

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