Monday, September 27, 2010


Sorry I exist ,
Not so far away
Hear me now..
When It rained,
It poured in my mind too
Leaking tears
From my eyes
Yet they didn't fall down..

Memories are green,So painful
Hurting me from inside,
Emptying the blood
Back into my heart
This hollowness,
Shade of loneliness
U gifted it,
And I keep mum

I shout from the tunnel,
Calling your name
You heard it
But closed your ears
I don't hate you less
Did u know,
I know the way out?
All that struggle
The pain I beared?
But I Was just another
Human to you..

Life, How do u want me
To get lost now?
Show the path,
And I'll be gone
All I want to say is,
Sorry I exist,Not so far away..

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