Monday, September 27, 2010


I feel like a happy cow! :P Alright this is weird ...Just thought for a moment, how much I enjoy my present freedom, joy,love and happiness. And that gives me a modest sense of relief when a current of content wind touching mah soul conveys to be grateful to the environment. Well today wasn't a great day either..It was just  a normal, fruitless, one of those lost and lacking of any luck days but that sure couldn't shake my spirit  for I wouldn't like to let the glitter die down from my happy cow mind : )
Great improvement since my depressed to death days, I find peace in almost everything other than those usual disgusting 'wtf! should ignore that, should ignore them' kind of worldly affairs I come across and I have tried to take an oath too to stop complaining about the world. But getting along is a bit tough as it's the disgust other than anything else which occupies the mind . You get the picture .Even then I kind of hate to acknowledge my disappointment for I don't necessarily feel belonged where other people enjoy stuff. Yeah stuff . And whatever. What I need? no idea. What's my quest? Got no clue. What should I be doing..? well , wish I knew..Hah..I can't care less about it.For time being I'm a not-so-relaxed but a happy cow.

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