Monday, September 27, 2010

History of silence!

I just started reading a short story named 'The story of the wind' but I haven't yet finished reading a paragraph and as obscure as I can get I started thinking about the history of silence! Right now I have no clue if I make any sense or not. Just joining the strings of thought. And I realised at this hour ( 3:21 AM) only thing which is not silent around here is my mind!And CPU. There I go,my thoughts are already drifting towards, sound of silence and shadow of silence!
Well for me, no noise is a good noise.The only thing which lets me be myself all the time. I feel whole with the universe when I'm silent  though I never think along those lines or bother about spiritual necessity of being silent. Because silence just happens, comfortably. To be around a person and not to feel awkward/bored when you are silent for long needs,greater level of comfort zone than not feeling awkward/silly when you talk and something stupid happens. I am blessed with such a great comfort zone with couple of my best people and that is something I always feel good about.
Um end of the post! I forgot to think about history of silence, I'll anyway let that slip out of my mind ;)

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