Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hymn of nature

--Sweet symphony
Touching the chords of
A lonely dream,
Echoes in the silence
Of perfume of wind..
The amber light
From the sky,
Drenched with a desire,
Falls At the feet
Soaking the memory leaf with
Pure morning dew..
--And the shadow moves
On the orb of unseen pictures,
When mistic fog continues to
drop on the earth
In a soft slow motion..
Shining on Grass blades
It whispers to the breeze
A candid story..
--Velvet mites crawl out
Underneath the feeble roots
Of green carpet,
Like angels they spread
The hymn of nature with praise..
It’s a dream so real
Lonely yet splendid
Warms the coldness
Paints the darkness
With colors of love
Of tenderness filled simple joy…

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