Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's a Zen thing

I have discovered of late that I do not burn with ambition. Sometimes, it’s a tad disappointing to see that I don’t have the same ‘urge’(!) to succeed and reach higher levels in my chosen profession. Take up a better job, do more meaningful work, make more moolah, blah blah. Wait, I take back the moolah part. Definitely a bigger rake and more of the crisp greens would be appreciated. But talk about career and obsessive ways of advancing it, and I’d much rather sit back and enjoy a beer, or rather, a pina colada on the beach, waving at pretty boys as they pass by in colorful shorts. At least for now. My point is, you can be contented at any stage. If you keep looking to find it, its going to elude you no matter what you do. Granted, it isn’t something new, but when you realize age-old truths for yourself, it’s a revelation beyond what anything between the covers of a book can teach you.

But that doesn’t stop me from googling away and hatching plans at studying short term courses that we can take up to fill in those teeny spaces which are now taken up by re-runs on TV. Tangent, are you listening?

For now, ‘Eat, Pray, Live’ is the mantra!

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