Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bridging the gap? Naah!

Every day, I can feel myself making a transition between two worlds- the place where I live and the place where I work. Literally and figuratively, they seem worlds apart in that the place where I live isn’t the choicest of places be at.
Initially, the fact that moving house is no piece of cake kept me from shifting. But time seems to make everything bearable. Or, definitely more palatable. Its nearly half a year since I started living on my own, and honest, nothing could compare to what home feels like And I find myself so much more calmer and at peace as I have never felt before. Annnd…..I talk to mom and dad more than before. Conspiracy theory at this point: Telephone companies make people want to talk more. Start paying for it, and you cherish it more. But that’s the topic for another blog entry.

Workplace is what I have always dreamed of. Decent people that go about their business and don’t give a damn what you are up to. Whether you are enjoying a cuppa and some solitude in the food court or leafing through random volumes at the library. Man, how I hated college and still do and will continue to do so :l Not _my_ college per se, but the concept of college itself. Here’s to them clones. Clones of each other. *shows the forbidden finger with gusto*

The stark contrast between home and work, unsettling at one point, does not bother me too much these days. Infact, I wonder if I like it that way. It’s made me so much the wiser. The descending dark when I reach home is more than I can ask for. Mingle with crowd and go unnoticed. In a solitary bubble of peace, and gratitude for the peace that pervades.

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