Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walking on sunshine

Road to my dreams
Is an infinite surprises' gallore
And I'm walking slowly,amused and smiling
Watching them coming alive
Have I ever felt this way!
Just one more day to pass, few more moments of wait
To feel the pleasure of walking on sunshine!
Hey hey you little hummingbird!
Wait for me! I've just woke up from a dream
And it looks all beautiful!
All I need is your wings!...
Will you take me with you please?
Hey hey you morning star,
Why cannot I see you now?
But I know, you are watching me, smiling at me in silence..
All I need is your gentle glittter on the sky!
Tell me,will you shine for me today and tomorrow too?
I had written this poem last July, for my supahbuddy Ammy the ogre-Amlan to cheer him up whie he was breaking his head on a crucial exam. Really happy for him, he worked hard and have cleared the exam with good marks and has got what he had dreamed :)

This is what he had told me :
Teetotaller Khayyam
10:46 AM on July 16, 2010
I feel honoured though the ogre part of me wants to eat you up!:P well since its been dedicated to me , i'l let the poem pass my scrutiny and give it a 'thumbs up'.
I sure do hope 'it' shines for your sakes!!!
sweet simple and cute poem!: ) 

P.S: Ammy is a great fan of the legendary poet Omar Khayyam-  and writes better poetry than me. : )

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