Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Light, warmth and new hope through you

Early morning, when I spread my arms
To feel your warmth
You just look down and smile,
brightening my day..
You are a creation of God,
located so far,
But the bond you hold with the earth
Is unexplainable
You never stop for a moment to rest
Though you fade away in the evening
For you don't forget anyone
Not even for a day
You do not demand  attention
Nor seek a reward
But you do your work with love.
You are the source of life,
From the almighty..
Looking at you we learn,
To rise everyday, with a new hope
To spend one more day,
Filled with blessings and the hardships
But to make it perfect..
You are the source of God's gift to us,
Without you,Life would lose its purpose for that day
Unpleasant as it sounds..
You are a symbol of His love for us
Just the way He gave His life on the cross and saved us
You burn and give light , warmth and limitless hope


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