Saturday, November 13, 2010

She was a stranger..

Sometimes I like to shout and scream silently and let go the pain inflicted by uncertainties. Funny the way my life has been so far. I can never look through my future. I cannot guess what could happen to me the next day even in the most trivial things. I'm unaware of the objectives I should be keeping for months to come.But  I have become so adaptive of this fact that now I think it's better to get pleasantly surprised than just waiting for things to happen. It has become the norm of my life since childhood. If somebody asks me what are your personal goals, I go past that question by tricking them through layers of logical view of time boundaries. Boy, do I have that convincing rather confusing power..!
There is one thing in life, which is very personal I don't want to change. The state of which makes me feel complete is the one thing I strive to keep the same. Storms come and go and I feel strong every time I get over the doubts I face about myself.
I have met a few souls which are similar to mine in  most unusual ways and they have become my soul friends. It's nice to share with them and get enriched. I meet fascinating people when I least expect and I'm sure, that's for a reason. Sometimes I don't even get to have a conversation with them but it's enough to observe them and add them to the memory.
I remember one 50 years old lady, Mariamma I met while coming back from Kerala ( from a shrine place ) during a train journey. We were coming back from same place though met only in the train. After almost 10 months I suddenly remember her for no reason. She had lost her right hand ( right from her shoulder ) in an accident some 20 years ago and stays alone. But the zeal she had in life is unmatchable. She had that very natural larger than life personality. The way she was making everyone in  the compartment laugh was just beautiful. She did not /doesn't  know how to read and write but has a dream of reading and understanding the Holy Bible in English and she's so sure of making it happen in a few years. She will. There were many other things about her which are perhaps indescribable. And I might put it wrongly even if I try. There was something about her which cleared a cloud on my head I had for quite some time.
At the station before bidding bye I actually knew I'm gonna miss her and gave her a big hug..I miss her today..I have talked to her couple of times over telephone but then lost her number when my phone OS got corrupted. I feel miserable. And there's no way I can reach her again maybe. Or maybe I might try to go and see her at the address she said which I vaguely remember...Soon.. Yes,she was a stranger.

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