Sunday, October 31, 2010

Story of time

Wrinkles on the river surface circle and fade
 As the wind touches the water
In deep affection
A shining milestone on the rich mud road
Silently confirms a way to somewhere..
It is the sole witness of the song of windtrees,
As they bend in union and whisper..
They talk about the story of time
When surroundings are mute
But there ain't no pause
In the heart of the hummingbird
Which steals the nectar
Out of the willing flower from a shy plant..
The wet soil feeds the hungry toads
And the river writes a lullaby
To sing at the night,
For the floating moon
 Under the bright starry sky!..
With a warmth of loyal friendliness
The milestone witnesses the seamless love
Of the river and the moon

And the time flies by..In silence..

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