Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feline wisdom :-|

I am an animal lover. I get amused looking at the display of their emotions. I had dogs,cats,chicks ,ducks, rabbits and cows as pets during my childhood ..And now, I love to look at funny pictures of animals on internet as an alternative.While looking at the snap in the post I suddenly remembered one of my special forgotten cat.

Back then, when I was 7 my aunt brought to home a kitten. It was a small grey fur ball with thick black stripes,had gorgeous whiskers and actually resembled a miniature tiger.(NO! It wasn't from japan! :P) So without anticipating anything I christened it "Killer". Ha.. In few weeks we kind of got familiar with it's behaviour and for our surprise it was rude, loud mouthed ( heh, was noisier than I ever was !), short tempered ( would roar ), had sharp teeth and also had a very bad habit of clawing wherever it liked and that's exactly - everywhere . ( Like bed sheets, sofa cusions, on my pajamas :-| ) .  Also it used to get violent 'Public Display of Affection' in, while playing with me, all of a sudden it would either jump on me and scratch or simply bite. But I loved it and I was proud of myself for I gave the perfect name :-| .Apparently, I was the only member in the family who tolerated the evil kitty and fearing the worse , many a times I hadn't shown to my mom all those scratches on my limbs and occasionally on neck.

One morning I went outdoor ,actualy for bird-watching with my funny yellow kids' binaculars (okay that was obvious) and this little guy chose to follow me. I was more than happy .Actually, sometimes my favorite chick used to accompany me :P Anyway, we hopped for some 100 feet from house and this kitteh jumped on my feet and bit so hard that I couldn't get rid of that just then..It hung there for a while. Then, I managed to kick it like a football in half a minute . Man oh man, I still have the mark of dent on the skin ! And obviously I couldn't hide it from anyone, because my leg was bleeding well, profusely. I had to take an injection too. [Now I wonder may be the cat was Schizophrenic and thought itself a canine or a tiger :D Identity crisis..yess..! I get that sometimes..Who am I? :P ok..I cut it ;)]

 Everybody decided to leave this cat somewhere far away . I was all tears, and was like, can we give him another chance please? Lol I have vague memories of lecturing the cat whole day about good manners..:D But next day my uncle put it in a bag and left it in the woods few kilometres away ..I flooded the house with tear streams. But lo! in 2 days the cat was back home. Guess who was happy? :D

A week passed ,and the cat was surprisingly a better kitty..In it's never seen avatar. My school had reopened so I hardly got any time to interact with the cat as much as I used to and one evening I got the news that Killer is dead : ( *gasp*
Yes, and you know what? It ate rat poison. Well, I didn't consider it as a suicide even then , although,  I was told it happened accidentally and it's totally the cat's fault for, it went on to eat the poisoned cookie put inside the rat trap on the roof! I believed that version of the story for maybe 7 years until when I discovered that it was actualy my late grandma who made the cat to eat it ! She thought it might still harm me or anyone else at home( we had guests including a toddler). My sister let the truth off by mistake and she couldn't look into my eyes for 2 days as I sulked with everyone for a whole week. Then I managed to console myself and forgave my late grandma ,maybe because already there were two loving cats at home and know what, I had made a brilliant decision by keeping their names -  Pinku and chinnu..(very cheesy and non- violent eh ! ) *pats on her own back* :D

So my version of - " Be careful of what you wish for because you never know when it'll come true " is " Be careful about ->  - what you name-when you name and that's about - everything you can name because,er  ofcourse you never know when it'll come true!" : D So peeps choose your pets' names wisely" :D ;)


  1. This is ur best post....whenever I log in...I luv to read this.. :) <3

  2. Yes, you are a wonderful story teller!


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