Friday, September 10, 2010

Paradigm shift

Some of the things that have changed since college:

I now live on my own
I bond with mum over recipes
I prefer getting things done earlier in the day- a 12 hour turnaround(Do not even MENTION the initial jetlag. Buh. : l)
Heavy metal has been replaced by trance and hiphop, ipod by the radio
A section of the world’s chatrooms have lost a net troll (I will NOT elaborate on that!)
I’m marginally bolder around roaches and such other low life
Dhanno has made way for the local bus. No mo JoyRides L
I _actually_ enjoy going to malls, if only for the eye candy at times

There, a list. I finally have one A LIST my blog! Love making lists. And striking out the items more so. Yay!

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