Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Disappearing shadow

Frost on the windowpane,
burning elbows..half open windows..
When you turned away and left a note on the doorstep..
Wish my eyes were open too..

Not a bitter tear, still its warm and not so clear..
Maybe I cried a little hard..
For you will never be back...
When you closed the gate of your heart,
Wish my heart was beating too..

The road you walked on, was just my life..
You crushed the rose petals you presented along..
When you disappeared rather swiftly,
Wish I had strength to stand still to wave you goodbye..

Back to poetry mode..yay.. ;)


  1. And finally you are back. Welcome back and hope you are doing great!

  2. Aw thanks Sunish.Am fine. Hope you're doing great too..: ). Yes, just couldn't write all these days. That picture in the post made me ink it. Took 2 days while before it used to take me 5 minutes to shape a poem. :P

  3. Two days isn't bad..I have been able to write a poem for over a month now. I use to be able to write one everyday! I'm very glad you're back to posting. I was getting a bit concerned...I was hoping you weren't having personal troubles.

    Happy Easter Season!

  4. Hey Cheryl : )Happy Easter Season to you too..

    Yeah, getting over writer's block is rather hard..Your poem Vantage point is fresh in mind even though it's over 2 months I read it! : )

    I was frequently traveling for 2 months over the weekends (10 hrs journey each to & fro) to meet my aunt who is hospitalized. So weekdays I used to be very tired after coming back from work. So I had disappeared.



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