Friday, March 11, 2011

Sail on a paper-boat

Summer is around the corner
Time to seek for a place
To build a shelter,
For the homecoming queen
A house in a tree bark,
Ten miles away
under moonlit river bank,
To keep her warm and happy
For the rainy days ahead
To build a shed
For gathered grains
From a golden wheat field
To the north from a sweetened creek

I dream to climb a paper-boat
A cruise to set the sail
Amidst the gutsy wind
A paper-boat,folded  from those little hands
With a touch of innocence..

How cannot  it reach the other side of the river?
I just wait for the kid to come,
To fold the paper into a boat


  1. You want to reach the other side? Get into our big boat! just kidding. Nice poem.

  2. shucks right! I can take a cruise!! hope you don't spray any insecticide inside your boat :D

  3. Almost every other day it is fumigated. lol

  4. ahan..Ants are pretty genius. So they prefer paper boats . :D


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