Sunday, March 20, 2011

At your feet - A personal prayer during Lent.

Here am I, at your feet
Thirsting for the living water,
From the Sanctuary,Your Sacred Heart
I don't have the courage to look in your eyes
Like Centurion I can only say I am not worthy
To receive you,But say one word, just one
I will be healed forever
Jesus, I need your grace to walk in your path,
My strength is weakened but in you I persevere
Do not let me fall,
Tell me how could you suffer the Cross
Show me how I can bear mine
I want to listen to you as The Father commanded on Mt. Tabor
Tell me how I can do your will


  1. I am sure you will get through this and all my prayers, in my own ways.

  2. Thanks a lot. : )In a much better condition.

  3. Thank you Sarah! Will go through your blog soon. Thanks for visiting my page : )

  4. Glad to hear that everything is in better condition!

  5. Heya yes..It was my first day at work. My old aunt at M'lore got her back bone fractured.Was in a serious medical condition. Nobody really was there to take care of her. Could go there last weekend while she got operated. She is a bit better now. Arrangements have been made to take better care of her..


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