Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How I feel lost

There's always an untold story
Deep within, written on the heart
But a ray of hope
Will be shining on the soul
As a reminder of love of God
It's just the time
Cycle of unbearable betrayals
Because numbness isn't  a sign of surrender
Cry of soul isn't a sign of weakness
There is no poison
No selfishness
It's the acceptance you experience
For you know it ain't no end
Maybe journey had never begun
To shed tears on
Maybe it was a dream
figment of your imagination
For you wanted the best
Tried to be your best
Memories might haunt you
They always have
Still You won't live the past
Mask from every face will fall down
You are not beloved
You are not remembered
But you'll not be forgotten
For what you were
What you could've been
For you tried your best
And for the Devine was with you..

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